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It's time to update your resume or cover letter or get a new one to get the job you deserve!

😷 OPEN DURING COVID-19! Let me be of assistance during this difficult time. We are going through an unusual period with coronavirus disease (COVID-19), but everyone still needs a job, and every employer wants an updated or new résumé.

πŸ“Œ (Check out my SPECIALS down below)

Welcome to "Resume Girl" I'm Gloria Moore, and I would like to help you write a High-Quality Resume (not a template) for all levels.
I run my business differently from most other resume companies. I keep the process convenient so you can complete your resume without ever leaving your house, which is especially helpful at a time like this.
With over 15+ years of resume writing experience, I know what it takes to create the perfect resume for the right job. Whether you are looking for an updated resume, a career switch, or applying for a different position within your current situation or a new one, I can help!
I am a virtual office, so I can serve everyone from anywhere! I will contact you by email, text, or phone (if you prefer) for about 25 minutes or more, and I will ask you questions about your background, skills, abilities, awards, jobs, training, and experience. I will then email you a βœ”οΈ CHECKLIST of everything I need to start. You can then email me everything you want to be in your resume.
Once I have written and formatted your resume (not a template), I will send it to you by email as an attachment as a Microsoft "WORD" document, Google Doc, and PDF for your final review. If you need any changes, feel free to let me know anytime, I don't charge for changes. After reviewing and approving your resume, you can print it out or forward it by email to anyone you want to receive a copy of your resume.
🎯 This approach makes the process stress-free for you. To me, the purpose of a resume is to inspire the person who reads it to do two things:
* To finish reading your WHOLE resume.
* To pick up the telephone to call you for a job interview. An effective resume has to be perceived by the person you give it to as (a) honest, (b) straightforward, and (c) easy to understand 🀝🏻 .
I do preferπŸ’²payment before I start only because, unfortunately, I have had a few people receive their resumes and then not pay πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

⭐️ GUARANTEED SERVICES πŸ’² All services must be paid before I start creating your resume or any other services. All my services are guaranteed, and if you are unhappy, I will do my best to correct the issue until we are both satisfied, or I will refund 40% of your money. Refunds will be within 5-7 days.
I accept credit/debit card payments through a Square Invoice, and I also take payments with PayPal, Google Pay, Venmo, Zelle, Facebook Pay, Cash App, and Apple Pay.

πŸ“ŒSPECIALS THROUGH - April 30, 2023
πŸ“Œ BEST VALUE $185.00 - Professional Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile Package - Reg. $305.00 ($120.00 Savings) Limited Time Only
πŸ“Œ $165.00 - Professional Resume and Cover Letter - Reg. $210.00 ($45.00 Savings)
πŸ“Œ $145.00 - Professional Resume - Reg. $155.00 ($10.00 Savings)
πŸ“Œ $ 45.00 - Professional Cover Letter - Reg. $55.00 ($10.00 Savings)
πŸ“Œ $145.00 - Professional College / High School Resume and Cover Letter - Reg. $200.00 ($55.00 Savings)
πŸ“Œ $125.00 - Professional College / High School Resume - Reg. $145.00 ($20.00 Savings)
πŸ“Œ $ 35.00 - Professional College / High School Cover Letter - Reg. $55.00 ($20.00 Savings)

πŸ“Œ BEST VALUE $220.00 - Government/Military/Federal Resume/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Profile Package Reg. $345.00 ($125.00 Savings) Limited Time Only
πŸ“Œ $195.00 - Government/Military/Federal Resume and Cover Letter - Reg. $250.00 ($55.00 Savings)
πŸ“Œ $175.00 - Government/Military/Federal Resume - Reg. $195.00 ($20.00 Savings)
πŸ“Œ $ 85.00 - LinkedIn, Indeed, Glass Door, or Zip Recruiter Businesses Network Profile - Reg. $95.00 ($10 Savings)

My rates are reasonable; with that in mind, here are my regular prices:
β—† $305.00 Professional Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Package
β—† $210.00 Professional Resume and Cover Letter
β—† $155.00 Professional Resume
β—† $ 55.00 Professional Cover Letter
β—† $ 95.00 LinkedIn, Indeed Profile, Glass Door, Zip Recruiter, or any other Businesses Social Network Profile
β—† $345.00 Government / Military / Federal Resume / Cover Letter / LinkedIn Profile Package
β—† $250.00 Government / Military / Federal Resume and Cover Letter
β—† $195.00 Government / Military / Federal Resume
β—† $200.00 Professional College / High School Resume and Cover Letter
β—† $145.00 Professional College / High School Resume
β—† $ 55.00 Professional College / High School Cover Letter
β—† $ 45.00 After the Interview - Emailed Eye-Catching "Thank You" Letter
β—† $ 45.00 Professional Written Letters - Profile, Sales, Order, Complaints, Adjustment, Inquiry, Follow-Up, Recommendation, Acknowledgment, Cover, and Resignation Letters.
β—† $ 45.00 Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions - (Scripts)
β—† $ 45.00 Express fee + the package fee for resumes completed in a ⏳1-2 day turnaround. (The expected average turnaround time is 8-10 days or sooner on a regular time frame.)
β—† I don't charge for small changes, but I charge a $35.00 flat fee if you want to make significant changes to an existing resume that I have done for you. (The price might be less depending on what you need to add.)

Feel free to call me or text me with any questions at πŸ“ž720-355-8273 anytime or email me
πŸ“©, and I will respond shortly with a time I can be available to discuss your services by email, text, or phone - whatever is convenient for you.

β˜€οΈ I look forward to helping you get that job you need. With my professional touch and creative writing, I will bring your excellent qualities to show you're the right person for the job!
Visit me on all Social Media at Resume Girl and my 🌎Web Page:
On Facebook - RESUME GIRL

Thank you, πŸ“Resume Girl - Gloria Moore

I'm Gloria Moore, the founder of  "RESUME GIRL" since 2006, I have 15+ years of experience in the Professional Business Staffing Industry, and I know what it takes to create the proper resume for the right job.

I try my best to make the whole experience quick, smooth, and always here for you till the end.

My resumes have been proven to open doors and get people noticed.

I have 2 Bachelor's degrees and 1 Master's in Business and Marketing/Advertising/Sales.

My Virtual Resume Girl Business is full-time now since my husband passed away from Esophageal Cancer in 2013 from being exposed to toxins as a First Responder. He was a Federal Police Officer with The Department of Homeland Security and was in New York during the 9/11 Attacks.

This business has been an excellent success in supporting my son and me.

I look forward to working with you on getting you in the right direction for the next career position.  

Thank you for all your support! 

SPECIALS - Give me a call, text or email me with any questions you might have at 720-355-8273 or

SPECIAL FOR THE MONTH - Professional Resume Package

SPECIAL $185. Reg $305.  SPECIAL Ends 04/30/2023 


I know this is a hard time with job loss, job change, new jobs, a new career field, and I want to help you get back into that job field immediately!!! Positions are limited, so employers make fast decisions, and you have to be ready with your updated credentials. 

All employers want to see updated resumes or new ones and search LinkedIn Profiles because everyone is downsizing, and they want to make sure they are keeping the right people who STAND OUT!!!  

SPECIAL $185. for all 3 Services - Reg $305 - $120. SAVINGS

Professional Resumes Reg $155. - Cover Letters Reg $55. - LinkedIn Profile        Reg $95 SPECIAL Ends 04/30/2023

SPECIALS - Give me a call, text or email me with any questions you might have at 720-355-8273 or

Welcome to RESUME GIRL, I offer different SPECIALS every month during COVID-19 - Give me a call, text or email me with any questions you might have at 720-355-8273 or


It’s time to update your Resume and start looking for that job you deserve in 2023! Call or message me today, I can help! 720-355-8273 

Take advantage of these specials.

RESUME GIRL  - Professional Resumes on all Levels!

create powerful and unique resumes at all levels including - High School Students, Graduates, College Graduates, Mid-Level Career Seekers, Advance Leaders, Directors, Senior-Level, C-Suite Professionals, VP's and Presidents  Resumes.

I make it my priority to keyword optimize, customize and tailor the resumes and cover letters of my customers, using their career objectives as a basis. Not everyone can have the same resume. It’s my priority to give my clients their own resume that brings them an interview, not just one more ignored resume.