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Resume Girl Reviews

Quotes 5 STAR - I came to Gloria and need so much and she fixed a lot of stuff for me and organized my life. The BEST call ever she will take care of you. SJ Quotes
Steve Jenkins

Quotes 5 STAR - I went to inquire about a Resume with Gloria and I had been looking to move up in the company for the last 15 years but wasn't sure what all I needed to do. Someone told me my resume need updating so I came to Gloria. To make a long story short, she designed me a great resume and I applied for the position of head engineer and I got promoted and I couldn't be more proud. She helped me with interview tips and thank you letters and I will always go to her for advice. Designing resumes weren't my thing but it sure is hers. Thank you. Quotes
John Robert Lopez

Quotes 5 STAR - Resume girl does fabulous work and landed me the job I've been waiting for. If you want a unique resume, go to Resume girl. Quotes
Jill Cumming

Quotes 5 STAR - Gloria with Resume Girl has the best resumes and the best service. I can't tell you how personal and much she cares that you get the job and she follows up with you to make sure she is there to help with anything else. She did several services for me and I can't thank her enough. Thanks, Gloria so much, you're a pro. James Quotes
James S
Best Service

Quotes 5 STAR - Gloria was so polite and very patient and when she sent me back my resume it was perfect. I got a job in two days I couldn't believe it. I will go back to her every time when I need help. Thanks again. Quotes
Shana Solez

Quotes 5 STAR - Professional Resumes did a fantastic job with the resume. Many people that I have shown my resume really like it. I had my first Career expo show last week and it went great. The Resume that I have now is ten times better than the one I had before. Now I feel confident when I give someone my resume. I have three interviews and confidant I will get one of those jobs!!!! Thanks again. Your the best!!!!! Quotes
Jeff Sumner

Quotes 5 STAR - I would like to personally thank Gloria with Professional Resumes for an outstanding service. This is the first time I ever reached out to a resume writing service for help and all I can say is "wow". The service provided was outstanding. If I had any questions or concerns, Gloria answered those for me and made me feel at ease. I will most definitely recommend Resume passion to others who are thinking of either touching up their resume or changing careers. Thank you once again. Quotes
Julio C. Gomez
Distributor Sams' Club

Quotes 5 STAR - I originally wrote my own resume but it was more of a work history than a professionally written resume like what you have provided me with. Most recruiters only look at the first 2 pages so my resume being 6 complete pages long was probably filed in their database never to be seen again. I received my new resume and submitted it to the first position I was qualified for, and within 15 minutes, was responding to an offer to work for Xcel Energy. I have been contacted several times with job offers since updating my profile with my new resume. My father who has been supervising for almost 20 plus years, looked at my resume and was very impressed with the style and the format with the much-needed key points being highlighted at the beginning of the resume. Gloria is the one to go to, shes is the best, personal and professional, thank you for changing my life. Thank you. Quotes
Jake Paka

Quotes 5 STAR - Gloria is the best in what she does and created me a resume that landed me a job within the school district I was wanting, Thank you. Quotes
Maria Lopez

Quotes 5 STAR Quotes
Henry Rivera
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